Location and Date

The way we work is if your committed to coming hit the button reserve your spot now. once we reach a minimum of 40 participants who have paid and committed and they are ready to play full out. and they are willing to do whatever it takes to be there. Then we will set a time, Date, and location at that time.

Our Packages

Individual Participation

This Package is for a individual participant for this 5 day 4 night event.

Couples Participation

This is the total price per couple in at this 5 day 4 night event

What is Included

Comfortable Bedding

Basic Toiletries

Organic Meals Everyday

Indoor Training Space

If your heart is calling The time is NOW

If your heart is calling and you feel fear… breathe… feel the fear and know that all growth happens outside of your comfort zone.  You’ll be so happy when you follow your heart instead of staying stuck in your fear like so many times before. 

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