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Shelby Smith

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– 15 years experience speaking, facilitating, mentoring and coaching, adults and youth. Including play, shadow work, Tantra movement, heart work, theater, relationships, emotional, reading judgement and moving into acceptance, and life coaching. Trained through 3 Key Elements, Hendricks Institute, body language, presenting, speaking and Byron Katie works.
– Blog author and contributing author in two published works.
– Intuitive, empath, energy worker. Soul purpose it to assist others in finding their soul purpose, and living in unconditional love!
– Professional actress, starting in two full length feature films, instructional videos, commercials, and music videos. Also an active member of a professional traveling improv troupe for 6 years.
– Owned and operated successful retreat businesses, and was an active team member for a 16 year running youth camp.

I had started to give up.

I was married for 23 years.  During most of those years, I took on the belief that I was an object.  I chose to feel obligated in giving sex to my husband, as a dutiful wife.  I wanted to feel the bliss and ecstasy that I would hear about from others, but got to the point that I wasn’t believing in it anymore.  I would hide, feign illness, or sleep because I was afraid to say no to him again.  I began to feel hate towards my sexual 

parts and I believed they attracted a man who was addicted.  However, because those parts of me still felt desire and pleasure, I was crippled sexually and felt shame.

I was giving up…until I surrendered.

My heart continued to show me all the ways I wasn’t loving myself.  Then one day in 2016, I finally listened.  I surrendered to her call. I’ve been separated/divorced for over two years now.  Today, I love myself more than ever.  I am falling in love with the
parts of me that I was once ashamed of.  I am understanding that ALL of me deserves love, not just the “good” parts or the parts that are righteous.  I am a physical being, an intellectual being, a social being, a spiritual being, and a SEXUAL being.  For much of the 23 years I was married, this latter being was unrecognized, cast aside, shamed,
hidden, separated from, and stuffed down.  Today, I welcome her.  I dance with her.  I play with her.  I explore her, I learn about her, I enjoy her, I be with her… I look her in the eyes each morning and let her know she is welcome here.  I no longer live from the pains of the past, the victim stories, the blame and the resentment that resided within her.

I am a sexual being.  I am a creator.  No excuses.  No what ifs.  No more delaying.

This is why I am a part of this movement.  It’s why I am co-creating with other amazing humans.  It’s why I am with the love of my life, and she and I are assisting others in exploring what has been dormant, unloved, and undiscovered.

Time to ask yourself “WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE”???
What are you waiting for?
Today is your day.  Choose you.

Come CELEBRATE the sexual being that you are!!!


Kami Mitchell

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– Created and running retreats for over 18 years.
– Given over 1000 presentations.
– Heart mentor for years and able to tune into what is really happening beneath the surface. 
– Healer, called to integrate and honor the divine masculine with the divine feminine within each of us. 
– Tantra, energy, movement, breath, and love of self are my message!

I have been on quite a journey the last 2 years. 

In 2017 I was married for year 17, had been a member of the LDS church my entire life, and was straight.  My journey includes my husband leaving me for another woman, my choice to step outside of organized religion, and choosing to be in a relationship with a woman, my best friend, Shelby Smith. 

With so many life altering shifts, I experienced so much fear, pain, and shame.  I also experienced genuine peace and a sense of freedom like never before.  My heart has been calling me to offer assistance to all those who are seeking to be at peace and oneness with self, to share my story, and to find all those who are on this wild ride with me!

What is in it for you?

We are going to play, laugh, expand, uplift, learn, dance, swim, embody, move, touch, connect, and experience total ecstasy and bliss together.  We are staying in a luxury home and will be surrounded by epic and powerful leaders and co-create magic together.  We are going to go beyond where most are willing to go and explore the upper edges of how much pleasure and goodness we can receive! 

Our relationships with self and our lover will be upgraded with presence, love, touch, honesty, and integrity.  We will be releasing shame and guilt around our body, our sexuality, our beliefs, etc.  We will have incredible and healthy food.  We will experience an increase of love and forgiveness for who we are and where we have been.  We will have a chance to tell our story.

We will raise our vibration TOGETHER!


Megan Darger

– Divine Goddess, Devoted Dancer, Self-Love Queen, Magical Mermaid and Unicorn of Being, Joy & Play
– Chronic Lyme and Pain Survivor
– Training,Teaching and Holding Retreats for 8+ years
– Hendricks Certified Relationships Coach 
– Love and Logic Parenting Trained 
– Certified Raw Food Chef
– Certified Fascinator Instructor
– Somatic Movement Educator
– Facilitator, Student and Advocate of Play, Breath work, Blissful Being, Archetypes, Movement, Tantra, Erotic Blueprints and Sexual Empowerment.

You have been lied to, dear friend. 

Massively lied to.

You have been controlled, manipulated, and taught a lot of BS about the most 

powerful force on this earth.

Good Goddess… I’d even say universe.

That powerful force 

known as….




Have I said sex enough yet?!?

Don’t even get me started on the word, ‘Vagina’!

Because most of you have not loved yourselves and accepted yourselves as the powerful creators that you are…you have denied yourself of the very thing, (your sexual nature and life force energy) that will bring you the most fulfilling, loving, intimate, creative, bliss-filled life.

You have been told sex is bad, wrong, evil, and dirty.  You have shamed yourself, rejected parts of yourself, and carried massive guilt.  You have been told to shut it down, control and deny yourself of the VERY thing that will set you free.

No More!!

Pleasure is your birthright, my friend.

Bliss is your highest and truest nature.

And Love is who you are.

I’m calling you back to LOVE, brother and sister.  To BLISS.  To PLEASURE and to experiencing your most CREATIVE and JUICY life. 

Now, I know you have been scared as FUCK! 

Scared to experience such deep connection that the ego doesn’t know what to do with itself.  Scared to experience such deep intimacy, in fear that the walls that you have built come crumbling down.  Scared to experience ecstatic, divine bliss in every cell of your body that you would have no choice but to remember the full and honest truth of who you are!

Get lucid, my friend, and claim your fucking sovereignty.

It starts with raising your frequency.

And the quickest way you raise your frequency is by taking back your power. Your SEXUAL POWER. 

I’ll help you remember.

Infinite Love ~ Megan

Christopher Stubbs

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– Personal Development for 20+ years 
– Professionally Facilitating for 13 years 
– Hendricks Certified Relationships Coach 
– Love and Logic Parenting Trained 
– Body Language Enthusiast
– Avid Student and teacher of Communication  
– Have coached, consulted and advised thousands of people 
– Sexual Empowerment student, teacher and Advocate

I love Sex!

I’m excited to co-facilitate Sextasy because relationship success, including an awesome sex life, is one of my top 5 values.  After going through an abundance of pain and learning experiences, I now have a relationship that is so far beyond what I ever could have imagined; that I can’t imagine not sharing what I’ve learned with you, so you can experience the same while avoiding all the pitfalls that I fell into.

I’ve spent most of my life struggling in relationships and up until my Relationship with my wife, Megan, (12 amazing years together now:-) I would rank all of my relationships as primarily painful learning experiences.

As I said in the beginning, I love Sex….That being said, much of the sex I’ve had in the past has been ‘disconnected sex’, primarily focused on body stimulation, and more often than not, experiencing a lack of closeness, intimacy, and often feeling abandoned and/or rejected.  Usually the sex was fun and exciting in the beginning of the relationship and then it would become methodical and unfulfilling.

One of my friends said it best…”There are three kinds of sex…

’Beginner Sex’, ‘Porn Sex’, and then there’s ‘CONNECTED SEX’. 

‘Connected Sex’ is where it’s at…YUM!!!

I’ve found that the best sex is contingent on deep and meaningful connection. (Intimacy)

And Intimacy is contingent on:

-Quality Conscious Listening

-Skilled Communication~ Learning to speak the ‘Unarguable Truth’

-Forgiveness and healing around past pains

-Presence, Attention, and Appreciation

-Learning to “Expect nothing and appreciate everything”

-Releasing guilt and shame

-Learning to Love yourself

-Abundantly Letting Love In

-Creating plenty of non-sexual touch

-Creating plenty of quality non-sexual connection time that is edifying and up-lifting 

-Taking alone time to integrate and nurture yourself

-And so much more…

My relationship and sex life wasn’t always as good as it is now.  There was a lot of learning and pain that I’ve put myself through to integrate these things that have drastically changed everything for the better for me.

Some of the things that I haven’t enjoyed as much in my sexual relationships in the past have been:

-Lack of deep meaningful connection and intimacy

-Sexual desire going away for myself or my partner

-Seeking love and validation through sex and feeling deeply rejected when my partner didn’t initiate over long periods of time or even worse didn’t want it with me at all

-Being cheated on, by past partners, when I could no longer fill their cup and they turned to outside sources to get love, connection, and pleasure

Some of the things that I’ve learned along the way, that I’m excited to share with you, so you can enjoy the depths and heights of connection, intimacy, love and pleasure that my amazing wife and I now enjoy are:

-How to attract and create genuine love, even if you don’t currently have a lover or committed relationship

-How to speak in a way that ends all arguments

-How to end blame in your relationship

-How to create deep and meaningful connection and intimacy while experiencing a constant state of appreciation

-How to create intimacy so beautiful and fulfilling that you absolutely love being with your partner, wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, and sex becomes the by-product, not the end goal, and the sex is better than ever

-How to forgive the wounds of the past and start over with a clean slate

-How to reignite passion, presence, and play with a sense of wonder, creativity, and adventure in your relationship and sex life

And so much more….

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a lifeless relationship and sex life and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  I also know what it’s like to experience absolute awesomeness in these areas and I’m very passionate about helping others to do the same.  It’s not your fault that you’ve struggled with these things, you’ve been doing the best you can with what you’ve had to work with.  The problem is that what our parents and society have taught us about these things simply doesn’t work.  Although, it’s not your fault, it is your responsibility to do something about it…and you can.

You simply have to upgrade perspectives and skills to get the results that you want and deserve.  If you choose to create the relationship and sex life that’s beyond what you’ve ever imagined, in the most fun and enjoyable ways, it is within reach and you can have it.  Please don’t learn everything the hard way like I did; it’s very hard, loaded with pain, takes a long time, and not everyone makes it.  I look forward to sharing this fun and expansive approach to creating the joy, peace, connection, pleasure, and fulfillment that you’ve always wanted.

It’s Time!….Come create what you’ve always wanted and watch every other area of your life prosper as a result of it.

If your heart is calling... the time is NOW

If your heart is calling and you feel fear… breathe… feel the fear and know that all growth happens outside of your comfort zone.  You’ll be so happy when you follow your heart instead of staying stuck in your fear like so many times before. 

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