Celebrating Human Sexuality & Conscious Co-Creation

It is time to celebrate our human sexuality, stimulate our creative flowing juices, and experience a life filled with orgasmic bliss.

Location and Date

The way we work is if your committed to coming hit the button reserve your spot now. Once we reach a minimum of 40 participants who have paid, fully committed, and they are ready to play full out. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be there. Then we will set a time, Date, and location at that time.

We are filling up fast and expecting this event to be sold out very soon. If your heart is calling please enroll now.
Location and date will be announced once we have 40 participates enrolled

This profound experience is for you whether you are single or in any type of relationship. It is facilitated in an environment of impeccable integrity and unconditional love. Sextasy is about self expression, intimacy, trust, respect, acceptance, adoration, connection, integrity, and above all - love -

So What is .

Sextasy is a 5 day 4 night immersion into your own personal sexual creative energy. It is about living your life in a high frequency, free from shame and embodying the sexual being that you are. It is a place for you to be surrounded by others on a similar path, who are committed to their highest growth and exploring what can happen when you free yourself from your past and bring peace and pleasure to you, RIGHT  NOW.

At Sextasy we open up the flow to your fullest expression and aliveness, we take you to a world beyond pain, suffering, ownership, objectification, control, suppression and judgement……. a place called ecstasy  

The question is how good can you stand it?

Coming to Sextasy is an experience for those who are ready to reclaim their sexual energy for themselves and take accountability for their own lives. It is for those who are ready to step out of struggle and into intimacy, connection and pleasure.
At Sextasy you will have experiences and practices for cultivating intimacy, connection, arousal, safety and confidence and opening you to an entirely new world of pleasure and sexual satisfaction in your life. It is a place for you to be witnessed in your vulnerable self as the powerful creator that you are and to honored, respected, and loved unconditionally.            
At Sextasy we get you turned on and feeling more alive and satisfied by getting you into your heart, into your body and connected to the pleasure that is right here and now.

Sextasy is NOT:

A drug induced orgy. A place to take advantage of others. A drug party. A free for all. A place to stay in your past pain and get pity. A place to hold back and play small. A place to leave integrity at the door and do whatever you want. A place for predators. A place to stay stuck. A place to stay in your comfort zone. A place where you step out of integrity. A place to violate your values or commitments. A place to break agreements with your relationships or self.

Sextasy is NOT for YOU if:

You are in judgement of how others choose to live their lives and you are unable to demonstrate a high level of openness to learning.. This is a judgement free zone.

This is not for you if you can”t respect others and show up in a space of love.

You are not willing to fully commit and play all out, not willing to get out of your comfort zone, and not willing to hold a loving space of integrity for yourself and others.

It is not for you if you’re not willing to take radical responsibility for your choices and actions while allowing others to do the same.

We highly value being around those who take care of themselves and their environment and are both willing and committed to holding themselves to impeccable integrity.


Do you yearn for more love and intimacy in your relationship?

  • Better sex
  • Spiritual oneness
  • A deeper connection with your partner


Understanding You and Your Partner's Lover Language

Learn what your lover language is in the bedroom and what completely turns you off and what gets you turned on and experiencing the most pleasure. Get the tools to get your sexual needs met.


Speaking Her Lovers Language

-Creating safety for opening deep intimacy 
-Feeling deeply heard, seen and received. 
-Discovering what lights her and her body up 
-Foreplay all day 
-The power of non-sexual touch 
-How her body works and knowing how to bring maximum connection, intimacy and pleasure. 
-Honoring, seeing and appreciating her Divinity

Speaking His Lovers Language

-Activating and integrating his divine masculine 
-Softening his heart and opening him up for deep presence and connection 
-Discovering his biggest turn on’s and what lights him up 
-Emotional intelligence and availability 
-How to bring out the best in him and stop emasculation
-Seeing, honoring and appreciating his Divinity

If any of this is uncomfortable...

Then you are in the right place and we have done our job.  We are not here to play small, to deny who we are as sexual beings, and we are most definitely not going to shut down our voices or our sexual energy for  anyone.


This event will help you embody self love and raise your vibration to attract a conscious partner that is not dependent upon your love. You will attract lovers into your life that will respect, honor, and love you as you are. 

Take heart…beautiful friends…and know that your sexual energy is for YOU FIRST, reclaiming this energy will bring passion, energy and health back to your experience and is worth EVERYTHING.

So What Do We Do At Sextasy?

First and foremost what makes Sextasy Playcation unique

What makes Sextasy so unique is that we have a dream team of experienced facilitators that have powerful results at tuning into each person and creating magic that is customized for you. We are absolutely committed to co-creating the most powerful experiences that will bring about your deepest desires on every level. Everything from witnessing the sexual being you are to co-creating pleasurable experiences through tantra, breath, movement, play, and so many more blissful energetic and physical practices.

What also makes this event so unique is the balance of learning, experiencing, integration, play and relaxation. The facility offers a plethora of self care options…pleasure and bliss are always at your fingertips.

5 Days & 4 Nights Of Bliss

We will be expanding in bliss, play, and self love for 5 days & 4 nights in an incredible,in a beautiful pristine location.  



We will be expanding in bliss, play, and self love for 5 days & 4 nights in Beautiful Location.

You will savor the most organic, orgasmical, healthy food each meal.

To nourish your mind and body in a way that optimizes your integration experience. 

All meals will be gluten and dairy free and loaded with colorful foods filled with energy and life. 


Whats Included

Comfortable Bedding

Basic Toiletries

Organic Meals Everyday

Rejuvenating Swimming Pool



Our Packages

Individual Participation

This Package is for a individual participant for this 5 day 4 night event.

Couples Participation

This is the total price per couple in at this 5 day 4 night event

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Most frequent questions and answers

You will never have to compromise your values. We create a safe and professional environment that is first and foremost about respecting personal integrity based on your values

This will be a safe and professional environment, You will always be at choice at each moment to choose into or out of each experience.

This is not an orgy, while we highly value sexual freedom we also value integrity first and foremost and ask that you respect others and know that you will be held to the highest forms of integrity. This is not a place for you to take advantage of others

There will not be drugs or alcohol at the event.

Click Here to Reserve your spot 

All HUMANS are welcome, Single, couples, gays, lesbians, poly couples, and any kind of identification. We open our doors and arms to you with no judgement, simply love. This is about your own personal sexuality and you will be celebrated for who you are.

Contact us if you have anymore question you need answers to. 

  • Fear of time away from responsibilities 
  • Concern about time away from work
  • Consideration around the investment 
  • In the habit of not taking care of yourself
  • Putting others in front of you and not putting your oxygen mask on first
  • Fear of your partners reaction in relation to you choosing to participate in this retreat.
  • Telling yourself you dont feel ready or you’ll do it later

Free yourself from the RUT, if your heart is calling for you to participate….. and you feel fear… breathe… feel the fear and know that all growth happens outside of your comfort zone.  You’ll be so happy when you follow your heart instead of staying stuck in your fear like so many times before.

If your heart is calling... the time is NOW

If your heart is calling and you feel fear… breathe… feel the fear and know that all growth happens outside of your comfort zone.  You’ll be so happy when you follow your heart instead of staying stuck in your fear like so many times before. 

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